Private Label Programs

Since 1979, craftsmen and home owners have purchased millions of Techni Edge knives and blades though private label merchandisers. Retailers and wholesalers alike can boost profit margins and gain greater awareness with products ideally suited for private labeling.

Private labels for North American consumers, are brands like any other brands. In a nationwide study by The Gallup Organization, 75% of consumers defined private labels as "brands" and ascribed to them the same degree of positive product qualities and characteristics — such as guarantee of satisfaction, packaging, value and performance — that they attribute to national brands. Moreover, more than 90% of all consumers polled were familiar with private labels, and 83% said that they purchase these products on a regular basis. Private labels now account for 1 of every 5 items sold every day in North America.

For your customers, private labels represent choice and the opportunity to regularly purchase products at considerable savings compared to buying national brands, enhancing client loyalty. Moreover, private labels are made of the same or comparable components as the national brands. And because your name or symbol is on the package, your client is assured that the product is manufactured to your highest quality standards and specifications.

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